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Blue Bonnet Hayes - AKA "Chip"

Chip is a grulla roan.  He has a level easy going personality.

 His colts are easy to work with, love people and attention and have a great disposition.

 He has produced grulla roans, blue roans, black and red duns.

  Chip was born at the Merritts in Wyoming..


Chip is co owned with our son Nick Allen or Bar x3 Ranch.  Nick uses him on his job.

Chip is

50% WYO Blue Bonnet

28.13% Blue Valentine

25% Plenty Try

25% Leo Hancock Hayes

12.5% Gooseberry

11.52% Joe Hancock

9.38% Plenty Coup

8.98% Texas Blue Bonnet



chip rope

Chip working for his keep holding this calf down for Nick.


chip front

chip rear

chip head

Pretty head and a kind eye!


Some of Chips foals shown below.