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Rowdy Blueberry is 43.75% Blue Valentine bred.  He is a beautiful roan.

He has produced for us many colors from true blue roan, red roan, bay roan to gray with black mane and tail.

He is a sweet, stallion that has more heart then any other.

 He was injured as a colt but thru all the pain and work to recover he never gave up and was a real good patient horse.

That is where he got his nickname, Spunky.  He was full of energy and love the whole way thru.

He passes that love of people and life, on to his offspring.  He is a people horse as most of his colts are.

They enjoy your company and want to please you.  He has a small ear, good bone, kind eye, heart and disposition.

These traits most are looking for, along with a great pedigree.  He is 96.8% FQHR.

Below are many of his offspring.  Take a look. 



Spunky daughter and Cooper - Reserve Grand Champion


Spunky filly on right and steve with a spunky colt on right


Spunky daughter with Cooper and a spunky daughter Reserve World Champion on right



Spunky fillies


Spunky daughter from a Smoke daughter on left and a spunky colt on right


2 year old spunky daughter learning poles on left and a spunky daughter on right