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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This is our son Coopers Project.

It started as a 4-H and FFA project and now that Cooper is in college it is a combined project with his mother Aleta.

They have a small herd that is CAE tested.

Goats for sale are listed below.  Please contact us to make sure they are still available.

All babies are registerable  except the 2 does listed that say non registereable.


Scuba Steve is our little bottle boy.  :He was born April 4th, on Steves birthday!  He is doing great on the bottle and ready for the new home and love someone will give him.

He has a great attitude and loves the attention.

This little boy has blue eyes and waddles.  The one waddle has a white tip.  This is Speckles boy.


These 2 girls both have blue eyes.  They are from our only unregistered doe.  So, they are not registereable.  Both are big girls.  Their mom is a really good mom.


Bella gave us a pretty boy (left) and girl (right).  These are her first babies and I think she did great!  They both have blue eyes and are very pretty!   

These two pretty blue eyed babys are from Candy.  The boy is on the left and the girl is on the right.  What pretty coloring!


Here are Mollys 2 boys.  One with blue eyes.  They are very handsome little guys!

mgirl mg2
This is Mollys little girl.  She is a sweet little girl.



Kate had 2 beautiful babies.  The boy on the left is brown eyed, the girl on the right, wow look at those blue eyes!